Cutting-edge solutions in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccine Global integrity in Animal Health NAROUVA® is a leading global manufacturer, marketer and distributor of animal health products and veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccine Through ongoing expansion and strategic acquisition, NAROUVA® has established markets in more than seventy countries worldwide and has R&D, manufacturing and distribution capabilities across Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia We work side by side with our partners in the development and commercialization of veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccine , focusing on the improvement of animal health and welfare.
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Narouva Vaccine Solutions

Bivalent inactivated foot and mouth disease oil Vaccine Type (s O1&A)

Polyvalent inactivated foot and mouth disease oil Vaccine Types (O, A&SAT2)

Inactivated Rift Valley Fever Vaccine

Peste Des Petits Ruminants Vaccine (PPR-N75/1)

Combined Inactivated Respiratory Virus Vaccine BVD.IBR.PL3 (Pneumo-3)

Combined Inactivated Respiratory Virus Vaccine BVD.IBR.PL3.BRS (Pneumo-4)

Inactivated Bovine Rota, Corona Viruses and Ecoli Vaccine (Entero-3)

Inactivated Bovine Ephemeral Fever Vaccine (3day sickness)

Sheep Pox Tissue Culture Vaccine

Camel pox Tissue Culture Vaccine

Monovalent Inactivated Freeze Dried Equine Influenza Vaccine

Equine Influenza and Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine

Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Oil. Adj. Vaccine (for cattle)

Oil Adjuvant Polyvalent Pneumobac Pasteurellosis Vaccine

Gel adj. Pneumobac Pasteurellosis Vaccine

Freeze Dried Bacille Calmette-Guérin (B.C.G.) Vaccine

Brucella Abortus Vaccine (ST19)

Brucella Melitensis Vaccine (Rev.1)

Blackleg and Gas Gangrene Vaccine

Polyvalent Clostridial Vaccine (Cattle and Sheep)

Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine

Buffer Acidified Plate Brucella Antigen (BAPA)

Rose Bengal Brucella Antigen

Bovine Purified Protein Derivative (P.P.D) Tuberculin Antigen

NewCastle Vaccine (Hitchner B1)

NewCastle Vaccine (Lasota)

NewCastle Vaccine (Komarov)

Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine (Bursa Vac Strain)

Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine (D.78 strain)

Duck Virus Hepatitis Vaccine

Duck Plague Vaccine (Jansen Strain)

Pigeon Pox Vaccine

Fowl Pox Vaccine

Inactivated Newcastle Vaccine (Oil adj)

Ser-Vacc Flu Vaccine

Ser-Vacc Flu 1 Vaccine

Inactivated Pigeon Paramyxo Vaccine

Inactivated Vaccine against Newcastle and Infectious Bronchitis

Inactivated Vaccine against ND + IB+ EDS

Polyvalent Fowl Cholera Vaccine (Oil. Adj.)

Polyvalent Infectious Coryza Vaccine (Oil. Adj.)

Chicken Necrotic Enteritis Vaccine (Gel)

Chicken Necrotic Enteritis Vaccine (Oil. Adj.)

Inactivated Rabbit Haemorrhagic Virus Vaccine

Polyvalent Rabbit Pasteurellosis Vaccine (Formalized)

Salmonella Pullorum Antigen (Polyvalent)

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