Narouva believes in long-term benefits in a sustainable way. We develop the formulations that are Eco-Friendly, no side effects and devoid of residues. We think from the costumer’s point of angle and develop the products which are result oriented and most economical. The seeds of sustainability were sown right at the beginning, at the very inception of Narouva, the company’s inbred altruistic nature manifested itself by serving unmet medical needs and offering access to affordable and innovative medicines for animal kingdom at large.

The Sustainability DNA is not only a management trait but is active and evolving in every person in Narouva `s . The manifestation of this will continue to gain the Company goodwill and trust from its stakeholders, ensuring its place at the forefront of the industry for all times to come. Sustainability has a positive effect on each one of us – and goes beyond, to involve not just the organization, but the immediate community in which we function and all the society. At Narouva, we believe that we need to be the change we want to see. Therefore, we emphasize that Sustainability is not just the domain of Senior Management or the Sustainability Department, but it requires the active support and unbridled enthusiasm of each and every stakeholder.

Working towards a sustainable future

We strive for a sustainable future with distinct efforts in two major areas of environmental protection:

  • “Environmental Management”, which accumulates all operations at a corporate level that aim to the constant improvement of the industry’s ecological performance
  • “Environmental Protection”, which consists of the individual actions of all employees in terms of preserving the environmental wealth and the rational management of natural resources

As a company with manufacturing facilities, where we produce with high technical specifications, we strongly feel responsible for going beyond the narrow limits of the Guidelines in areas such as:

  • waste management
  • recycling of packaging and stationery,
  • limitation of pollutant emissions from the vehicles and the production infrastructure
  • removal of all organic solvents from the production processes
  • rational use of energy
  • bioclimatic facilities

Narouva’s commitment to environmental management is reflected in the Environmental Policy, in accordance with ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management Standard

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