Poultry Nutrition and Health

In today’s poultry industry, integrated production companies face more challenges than ever. They require pre-harvest food safety technologies that improve risk management and bird health, while providing a solid return on investment.

Narouva’s unique product technologies support poultry health and performance in every stage of production. These natural technologies have multiple modes of action that support a balanced immune system, support the intestinal microbiome, and optimize intestinal structure.

Research correlates a well-balanced immune system and improved intestinal function with:

  • Health and wellness
  • Food safety and sustainability
  • Production performance

How do we help with your poultry?

  • Narouva®️ is aware of the many problems facing poultry management. For different kinds of poultry, such as breeders, broilers, and layers, we developed products to maximize the genetic potential of the bird.
  • We bring solutions to optimize the feed efficiency and gut health by focusing on improving the availability of the nutrients from the raw materials used in feeds in a sustainable way. In addition, we help to control bacterial contamination in drinking water, feed, and the bird.
  • Narouva®️ has a complete range of products to enhance gut health and feed efficiency of the flock and to optimize production.
  • Narouva®️ poultry specialists will help you manage the effects of pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxins on your flocks. They will support you to develop a cost effective anticoccidial program.

Narouva Poultry Solutions

helps to bone growing and healthy tissues an antioxidant and helps to increase of neuromuscular function by Vitamin E

A Unique Formula for Growth, Immunity & Digestion ,a source of biologically active immunoglucan and oligosaccharides

The optimal and most comprehensive mixture designed to overcome mycotoxicosis problem in livestock

NOVA GROW is a Powerful Nutrient growth promoter and performance enhancer for Broilers, Layers and Swine enriched with Essential Vit.

A combination of vitamin B complex, vitamin K3, Methionine and Choline. improves the homogeneity of flocks and the skin protection

EXOSEL is an organic source of selenium consisting of seleno-hydroxy-methionine diluted on silica carrier used in all species

KVIT (vitamin k3) Preventing and retarding calcification of blood vessels, preventing arteriosclerosis caused by calcification

Combination is used for therapeutic and preventive purposes in mineral and amino acid deficiencies, and stressful conditions

Solution for Breathing Problems. Reduce respiratory problems caused by bacterial and viral infections.

NORMOLIVE is a well-balanced composition to stimulate liver metabolism and improve fat metabolism

Improve productivity, enhance performance and improve liver function plus feed efficiency

PHOSCAL is a formulation designed to supply vitamin D3 to layers and broilers during critical growth phases

For the special treatment of CCRD (CRD combine with E.coli, bronchitis, salmonellosis, pasteurellosis

Effective anti-microbial and anti-infectious agent which belongs to the fluoroquinolone group

For prevention and treatment of infections caused by coccidiosis of poultry caused by Eimeria acervulina

Treatment of CCRD ( Complicated Chronic Respiratory Disease ) in poultry

The drug is used for treatment and prevention of bacterial diseases (pasteurellosis, salmonellosis)

Treatment of most infections in respiratory tract, urinary tract, metritis, mastitis in animal and poultry

has a bacteriostatic effect treat poultry for bacterial, mycoplasma, protozoan infections

The effective group of quinolones that is effective for CRD, CCRD and E.coli infections

Gastrointestinal and respiratory infections in poultry caused by microorganisms

Treatment of Infectious diseases caused by gram positive, gram-negative bacteria and Mycoplasma

Treatment and prevention of respiratory disease in chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, calves

Respiratory diseases: Pneumonia, Bronchitis, sinusitis, pasteurellosis. Digestive tract infections

To prohibit and kill the harmful germs such as E.coli,Salmonella spp, Staphylococcus aureus

Kind of Vitamins, it is the essential component of lecithin especially important for the nutrition and growth.

DL-Methionine 99%, is one of the essential amino acids used in animal feeds for poultry and pigs

is an antibiotic mixture Antibiotic based on microencapsulated granules containing enrofloxacin

Helps to Increase Weight Gain, Improves Feed Conversion Rate Plus Treats Necrotic Enteritis in Animals

is one of the Essential amino acids for animal, mainly used as feed stuff additive for pigs, poultry,

it is the essential amino acid that cannot be created by the animal, supports optimum protein synthesis,

Treatment and prevention of coccidiosis caused by various Eimeria species in hens (broilers, chickens

is a specialty acidifier Unique Blend of Fatty Acids effective against Gram Negative & Positive Bacteria)

Toxin Binder along with Prebiotics Specially developed for use in acute challenging conditions

Multienzyme ingredient for poultry and other animals specifically based on the nutritional requirement

Treatment and prevention of eimeriae – caused coccidioses in hens (broilers, chickens, cattle and sheep.

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