As the leading animal health company is now soaring towards a new world by expanding its global footprint

At Narouva we strive to drive value by enriching our resources and capabilities through expansion of our network of collaborators.

We are seeking to identify new opportunities, diversify our portfolio and engage partners in the development of innovative solutions that will deliver maximum value to patients and healthcare professionals. From conceptualization of new products to every stage of development, dossier compilation, registration and commercialization, we focus our efforts in aligning our objectives with a global network of business partners and enablers, through a diversity of business models.

You have a business idea? Share it with our team!

Ensures timely, stable production by maintaining cutting-edge automation facilities

We have been making every effort to be the world’s leading company in the animal healthcare market for the past 10 years. All the while, we have sustained robust growth by continually developing new products and strictly controlling product quality.
with a presence in more than 28 countries as of 2020. Our successful globalization drive gained momentum after completing the construction of a new factory that conforms to Canadian standards.

To manufacture eco-friendly animal medicine, we have actively participated in developing bio feed based on natural materials, such as dandelions and thistles. This clearly demonstrates our ceaseless efforts to find new growth engines

Product Quality and Safety

Compliance with regulatory requirements and internationally recognized good practices, as well as responding to our customers’ high expectations regarding the quality, safety and effectiveness of our products is a commitment to us.
All our production stages are based on quality management system, verified by ISO9001: 2008 and GMP, which provides, among others:

  • Standardized and validated production processes.
  • Thorough quality controls at all stages of the production process.
  • Recording, analysis and management of any complaints and deviations from the specified quality standards.

We are pursuing EXCELLENCE, we are awarded for it, we achieve it and we dynamically move forward.

We feel compelled to reward your confidence on us, not only by developing and producing safe and innovative products of high quality and expertise, but also through dynamic initiatives stemming from a deep sense of responsibility for our fellow people and future generation.

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