Ultimate broad spectrum Farm Premise and Veterinary Practice Disinfectant

Bactericide • Fungicide • Virucide

Product Overview

Protex® Disinfectant is a broad spectrum disinfectant recommended for use on hard nonporous surfaces for poultry, swine, farm, and veterinary practice disinfection. It is proven effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause disease and economic losses. It disinfects in 5% organic soil loads and 400 ppm hard water

Physical and Chemical Properties:

State: Liquid

Color: Clear to amber

Odor: Odorless

pH, 25°C: 13°

Solubility: 100%


5 liter plastic container

Directions For Use On Poultry, Swine, And Livestock Farms

General Farm Disinfectant Uses:

Protex® is a versatile product that can be used in all livestock facilities and hatcheries.
Protex® is a product that can address almost all your challenges.

Terminal disinfection (4 ml /L)

Disinfecting hatcheries (4 ml /L)

Disinfecting vehicles (4 ml /L)

Foot bath (8 ml /L)

Sanitizing hatchery rooms using a fogger (1 part to 5 parts of water – 166 ml /L)

Fogging incubators and hatchers (45 ml /L)

Fogging poultry houses and livestock buildings (1 part to 2 parts of water – 333 ml /L)


Store in the original container below 25°C. In a dry well-ventilated area away from sources of heat or ignition. Protect from direct sunlight.

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