0.55 Ortho-phtalaldehyde solution for high level disinfect

ZYTRAMAX® is a clear, high –blue solution with a characteristic odor, it’s a powerful novel aldehyde based formulation that requires no action and has a quick turnaround time. It is a suitable for disinfection of medical instrument.

Feature and Benefits

  • Effective against HIV, HBV, MTB, spores
  • No activation required – hassle-free use
  • High Stability and shelf life
  • Quick turnaround time
  • High use life


Ortho-phtalaldehyde, inert ingredients.


Broad spectrum Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal, Sporicidal

Contact Time

12 minutes


500ml, 5 L


ZYTRAMAX® solution is ready to use and does not require activation. Cleaning – Blood and other body fluids must be thoroughly cleaned from surface and lumens of devices before reprocessing. Thoroughly clean .rinse and rough dry device Before immersion in ZYTRAMAX® solution. Clean and rinse the lumens of hollow.

Instruments before filling with solution refer pack insert for additional information on cleaning/decontamination.


Immerse cleaned medical instrument/equipment completely in solution for the required time at the appropriate temperature.

Reuse Period

ZYTRAMAX® solution can be reused for maximum 14 days provided the required conditions of Ortho-phtalaldehyde concentration, ph and temperature exist based upon monitoring described in the package insert. Do not rely solely on days on use. Test the ZYTRAMAX® solution prior to each use with solution test strips.


High-level disinfectant for GI endoscopes, Anesthesia equipment for the airway diaphragm fitting rings Dental burrs, Handpieces, etc.


15 c- 30 c. Once opened, the unused portion of the solution may be stored in the original container for up to 75 days until used.

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