Aerial Fumigant, Surface, and Water Disinfectant Solution

VENOCITIL® is a clear solution with a characteristic peroxide odor. It’s a universal disinfectant based on a complex of silver ions and hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent that can be used for aerial fumigation and for surface and water disinfectant. It does not alter the taste, color or smell of food, water and leaves no residue.


Broad Spectrum: Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Veridical, Sporicidal & Tuberculocidal

Feature and Benefits

  • Eco- friendly & safe to human and environment
  • Residue-free
  • Broad – Spectrum – kill all pathogens including spores & resistance strains like MRSA & VRE
  • Just take 1hur to sterilize OT
  • Can be used to mop OT surfaces as well
  • Excellent surface & material compatibility

Contact Time

15 minutes (undiluted)
30 minutes (20% v/v solution)
60 minutes (5 % v/v solution)


500 ml, 1 Ltr. 5 L

Application – Medical

  • In hospital and laboratories for aerial fumigation in critical areas such as OT, maternity units, and other clean areas
  • Water and surface disinfection
  • Regular disinfection in sensitive and research and quality control areas

Application – Industry

  • In the pharmaceutical, food and dairy industry as a surface disinfectant for aerial fumigation in manufacturing.
  • R&D and QA/QC areas

Usage – Aerial Fumigation

Use 1:5 VENOCITIL i.e. , 200 ml VINOCITIL® + 800 ml DM water

Usage – Surface Disinfection

Use 1:20 VENOCITIL i.e. , 50 ml VINOCITIL® + 950 ml DM water

Usage – Water Disinfectant

  • Use 100 ppm i.e., 100 ml VENOCITIL® + 1000 Ltr. Of water with contact time 8 hours
  • Use 500 ppm i.e., 500 ml VENOCITIL® + 1000 Ltr. Of water with contact time 6 hours
  • Use 1000 ppm i.e., 1 Ltr VENOCITIL® + 1000 Ltr. Of water with contact time 2 hours

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