Dual action antiseptic disinfectant solution 

TEXODIN® is a clear caramel colored solution with a characteristic terpineol fragrance. It’s a strong antiseptic disinfectant solution with dual action its ideal for broad ranges of antiseptic and disinfectant applications in diverse setting.

Broad spectrum Bactericidal and Fungicidal

Contact Time 
10 minutes

Feature and Benefits



  • Pre and post catheterization
  • Skin prepping before IV administration
  • Prevention of dermal infections
  • Dressing of minor injuries

In pharmaceutical, food, dairy industry for surface and general purpose disinfection


  • First aid for cuts, bites , abrasions
  • First aid
  • General disinfection

Cuts, Bites, Abrasions, Insect Setting – wash with 50 ml TEXODIN® in 1 ltr of water and cover with gauze. For urgent application undiluted TEXODIN may also be used but not on sensitive skin.

Prepare a dilution of 25 ml TEXODIN® in 1Ltr. Of water for routine external antisepsis.

Prepare dilution of 25 ml TEXODIN® in 1 Ltr. Of water for floor mopping & surface disinfection.

Personal Hygiene
Dandruff – prepare a dilution of 25 ml TEXODIN®in 1Ltr. Of Water and pour over scalp, leave for 10 minutes and shampoo. Do not use undiluted. Bathing – Add 4 to 6 capfuls of TEXODIN® in the bath is hygienic and refreshing. Sanitation of lavatories, sinks, drains Etc – use undiluted

For Epidemics 
Prepare a dilution of 25 ml TEXODIN® in 1 Ltr. Of water & use for disinfectant linen & floor


Store in the original container below 25°C. In a dry well ventilated area away from sources of heat or ignition. Protect from direct sunlight.

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