Liquid hand rub antiseptic with triple action

TEVIMAX® is a clear pale blue pleasantly perfumed alcoholic hand rub with a powerful triple action; it’s suitable for surgical hand disinfectant &hygienic hand disinfection.

Feature and Benefits

  • Excellent synergistic action
  • No known resistance
  • Broad antimicrobial
  • HIV,HBV & Mycobacterium
  • Instant biocidal action
  • Long lasting residual action


Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution IP, Triclosan USP, Isopropyl alcohol, N-propanol, Skin Emollients, nd perfume.


Broad Spectrum Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal

Contact Time

30 minutes


500 ml, 5 L

Hygienic hand Disinfection

Rub 3 ml of TEVIMAX® well over clean dry hand and nail groves for at least 30 seconds.

Surgical hand Disinfection

Repeat the above process thrice for 5 minutes.


  • Before entering clean rooms / sterile areas like OT, ICU, IPD, NICU, PICU etc.
  • In OT before and after putting the gloves surgery
  • Before and after handling patients in wards and OPD
  • In laboratories, ambulances


  • R&D Labs clean and sterile areas
  • Production area of pharmaceutical industries
  • In food processing, production areas
  • Dairy industry


  • Personal hygiene
  • Handling and care of patients and infants at home
  • Waterless hand disinfection during travel

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