Instrument and Equipment Detergent for Medical, Dental and Laboratory Use

The effective cleaning of Instruments and Equipment is the first key step in preventing the transmission of infection for reusable medical devices. Failure to remove organic soil will compromise any disinfection or sterilization process.

Medivir® is the latest surfactant technology to emulsify and solubilise organic soils such as blood, protein, and lipids (fats). Medivir® also assists in preventing the re-deposition of organic soils on surfaces and equipment during the cleaning process.


  • Concentrated
  • Odorless
  • Low foaming (to allow the user to see what is happening in solution)
  • Bacteriostatic (prevents the growth of bacteria)
  • Free rinsing
  • Uses 100% recyclable packaging
  • Effective in hard and soft water
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect quality instruments


At high concentrations, they act as protoplasmic poison which penetrates and destroys the cell wall. At lower concentrations of phenols, and with phenol derivatives with high molecular weights, there is cell death for inactivation of essential enzyme systems and ties of metabolites of the cell wall


Sets off alkylation of sulphydric, hydroxyl, carboxyl and amine groups of the Microorganisms constituents, which alter the nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) and protein synthesis Medivir® is the new EC medical device from NAROUVA, a leader in research, development, and distribution of products for the high-level disinfection. Medivir® is a high-level disinfectant based on glutaraldehyde and phenols, with good detergent properties, capable of dissolving blood and organic residues. Medivir® is a colorless liquid emulsion with a distinctive Smell that does not require activation. It is available in a concentrated form, to allow for different action times, and diluted version Thanks to its active ingredients, Medivir® is classified as a high-level disinfectant. The combined action of functional ingredients thus gives the product a full spectrum of biocidal activity (bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and mycobactericidal). The glutaraldehyde acts as a slow mycobactericidal since the cell wall of the microorganism has a surface membrane rich in lipid components, which makes it water-repellent and relatively impermeable. The time required to obtain an effective action decreases by increasing the concentration or by using preparations which contain other active ingredients that are more readily mycobactericidal (phenol, phenate, alcohol), or surfactants that render the cell wall moister, and therefore permeable Medivir® is a broad-spectrum disinfectant with bactericidal activity.


500mL, 1 Litre, 5 Litres

Manual Cleaning

  • Use in warm water.
  • Remove gross visible soil under running water.
  • Use 4mL/L of Medivir® per Litre of water – 20mL per 5L.
  • Clean instruments, equipment or laboratory apparatus and remove
  • Organic soil.
  • Dispose of the solution when dirty (cloudy) or within 24 hours of dilution.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Use in warm water or as per ultrasonic instructions.
  • Remove gross visible soil under running water.
  • Fill the ultrasonic tank with water.
  • Use 4mL/L of Medivir® per Litre of water in the tank – 20mL per 5L.
  • Run ultrasonic as per ultrasonic manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Dispose of the solution when dirty (cloudy) or within 24 hours of dilution.

Hard Surface Cleaning

  • Use in warm water.
  • Ensure mildly alkaline detergents are suitable for the surface to be cleaned.
  • Use 4mL/L of Medivir® per Litre of water and clean.
  • Dispose of the solution when dirty (cloudy in a bucket) or within 24 hours of dilution.

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