Ready to use Medical Instrument Disinfectant: Glutaraldehyde 2%

The effective cleaning of Instruments and Equipment is the first key step in preventing the transmission of infection for reusable medical devices. Failure to remove organic soil will compromise any disinfection or sterilization process.


High-level disinfection of medical devices, surgical equipment, endoscopic and thermosensitive equipment. Can be used for manual and ultrasonic instrument cleaning, equipment cleaning and also for the cleaning of environmental surfaces such as surgical tables, lighting, benches, and trolleys.

High-Level Disinfection

Our products are developed in accordance with the latest scientific findings and legal requirements. Our main focus is patient and personal safety as well as long-term maintenance of the instruments.

Glutrax® branded instrument disinfection products meet the quality and efficacy requirements of the Canadian and European Standards. Efficacy tests against relevant organisms are being performed periodically.

Increased demands on decontamination make material compatibility just as important as broad-spectrum disinfection efficiency. Glutrax® offers reliable preparations with short contact times. The entire NAROUVAs product portfolio is developed to meet the most up-to-date scientific principles and meets all legal requirements.

Glutrax® Ready to use Medical Instrument Disinfectant; Glutaraldehyde % 2 High-level disinfection of medical devices, surgical equipment, endoscopic and thermosensitive equipment.


Glutaraldehyde solution 20 g/L, corrosion inhibitors, a cationic detergent, distilled water. Without perfume and colorant.

Microbiological Properties

  • Bactericide, fungicide, tuberculocide, virucide and sporicide.
  • Active against bacteria, yeasts, molds, viruses any mycobacteria in 10 minutes.
  • Active against spores of bacteria in 1 hour.
  • fresh mint scent masks aldehyde odor.
  • 10 minutes TB disinfection, 10 minutes high-level disinfection.
  • Chemically stable – no degradation at high temperature.


4 cans, 5 L each

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