The classic among rub-in hand disinfectants for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.

The classic of alcohol-based hand disinfection. Successful for over 50 years. The favorite of millions of users around the world thanks to its reliable antimicrobial activity and special skin friendliness.

  • comprehensively active against bacteria, yeasts, and enveloped viruses
  • particularly kind to skin and lipid-replenishing
  • increases skin hydration with regular use1)
  • excellent skin tolerability even with long-term use
  • possesses an excellent immediate effect

Areas of application

Germygurd® is suitable for hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection. Germygurd® is used as a ready-to-use alcohol-based rub-in product – independently of water and wash-basin – to prevent infection in all areas of healthcare and industry where hygiene is important as well as in-home dialysis and when traveling.

Germygurd® is a pioneer in the field of alcohol-based surgical hand disinfection. The product provides an excellent immediate effect and a reliable long-lasting antimicrobial activity for up to six hours. Germygurd® not only feels great on the hands but also increases skin hydration the skin with regular use.

Ethyl Alcohol

Efficacy: Ethyl alcohol is effective against most bacteria, fungi and many viruses


Efficacy: It is used as a synthetic broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. Bactericidal (incl. mycpbacteria) fingicidal virucidal: vaccinia viruses, rotaviruses, HBV, HCV, HIV.

Other Ingredients

With Vitamin E, moisturizers & perfume.


Bactericidal Efficacy % Reduction in 15 seconds
Escherichia coli 99.999
Listeria Monocytogenes 99.999
Pseuomonas aeruginosa 99.99
Salmonella typhimurium 99.999
Serratia marcescens 99.9
Staphylococcus aureus 99.999
Bacillus megaterium 99.99
Corynebacterium diphtheriae 99.99
Enterobacter aerogenes 99.99
Lactobacillus plantarum 99.99
Proteus vulgaris 99.99
Salmonella enteritidis 99.99
Salmonella typhi 99.99
Shigella disenteriae 99.99
Shigella sonnei 99.99
Staphylococcus epidermidis 99.99
Steptococcus pneumonia 99.99
Vibrio parahaemolyticus 99.99
Fungicidal Efficacy % Reduction in 15 seconds
Candida albicans 99.99
Virucidal Efficacy % Reduction in 30 seconds
Herpes Simplex Type I 99.978
Rhino Type 2 99.900
Influenza A2 ( Hong Kong) 99.999


Should remain wet on the skin for at least 15 seconds of rubbing before becoming completely dry for the most effective use if the product.

Application Recommendations for
use /contact time
Hygienic hand disinfection 30 seconds
Surgical han disinfection 1.5 minutes
Hygienic had disinfection Scope A in cases of TB 30 seconds (Apply twice)
Effective against enveloped viruses (incl.HIV, HBV & HCV) 30 seconds
Vaccinia viruses 30 seconds
Rotavirus 30 seconds
  • Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizing Gel (No water required)
  • Instant Hand Sanitizer ( Kills 99.99% of the germs, which may cause illness, within as little as 15 seconds)
  • Vitamin -E & Aloe Vera ( Gives Excellent Moisturized, Soft, Fresh & Non-Sticky skin

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