High-Level surgical instrument Sterilizing and disinfectant solution

ACTIGEN® is a colorless/pale yellow colored liquid with characteristics odor. It’s an acidic glutaraldehyde solution that doesn’t require activation. Fortified with benzalkonium chloride, ACTIGEN® provides high level disinfection and sterilization in medical settings. High use dilution and low contact time make it an economical alternative to an alkaline glutaraldehyde solution.

Feature and Benefits

  • 3 in 1 sterilizing solution – medical instrument, surface disinfection And aerial fumigation
  • Excellent synergistic action
  • 30 days post-dilution use life- hassle-free use
  • Effective against biofilms – prevents nosocomial infections & damage of surface due to biofilms
  • Organic load tolerant
  • Ready to use non- corrosive


Glutaraldehyde and Benzalkonium Chloride Solution IP
Corrosion inhibitors.


Broad Spectrum: Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal & Sporicidal.

Contact Time

HLD in 15 Minutes
Sporicidal in 5 hours


500 ml, 5 L


High-Level disinfectant / Sterile for GI endoscopes, dental burrs, anesthesia Equipment for the airway, headpieces, diaphragm fitting rings, etc.

Environmental disinfection (fogging) for OT, ICU, NICU, laboratories etc. Service disinfection


Environmental Disinfection (fogging) for clean/ sterile areas R&D labs etc. Service disinfection


Immerse the cleaned surgical INSTRUMENTS & Endoscopes (wearing gloves) in 20% v/v solution of ACTIGEN® for 15 minutes &rinse with water.


Cleans the surgical instrument & endoscopes with multienzyme cleaner & rinse with water. Immerse the cleaned surgical instruments & endoscopes (wearing gloves ) in an undiluted solution of ACTIGEN® for 5 hours & rinse with water.


Use 50 ml of ACTIGEN® with 1 Ltr DM water for aerial fumigation / fogging of critical areas such as OT, QA/QC Laboratories, R&D Laboratories, production areas & clean rooms, sterile areas in industrials settings. Allow 60 minutes of contact time after fumigation / fogging.


Use 50 ml ACTIGEN® with 1Ltr DM water for daily mopping & surface disinfection of OT, QA/QC laboratories, R&D laboratories, production areas & clean rooms / sterile areas in industrial settings.

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