Non-corrosive germicide for disinfection of hard surfaces and equipment in greenhouses


HELIX BIO GREEN® is unique in its composition. Its activity is based on a buffered synergized system containing a high percentage of surfactant. Its efficacy is enhanced by its excellent detergent properties. HELIX BIO GREEN® can be used on all surfaces and in all situations. Mode of action HELIX BIO GREEN® is a powerful oxidant. Its activity is based on a buffered synergized acid peroxygen system.


  • Broad spectrum
  • Is easily applied
  • Is compatible with other NAROUVA products
  • Is formulated with a biodegradable ingredient

Dilution rates

Low or high pressure spraying1 % or 1 kg / 100 L
Foaming1 % or 1 kg / 100 L
Fogging1 % or 1 kg / 100 L
Dipping1 % or 1 kg / 100 L

Physical Properties

State Soluble powder
 Colour Pink
 Odour Lemon
 pH 2,5 - 3 (1 % Solution)
Freezing point-11°C   (1 % Solution)
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