Bulk Tank Sanitizer

  • New improved formula
  • SEQUIN® Colour coded to indicate activity
  • Suitable for all manual or automatic systems
  • Effective in killing bacteria and removing milk fat, milk stone, and protein deposits


A SEQUIN® based, liquid disinfectant cleaner to be used for cleaning refrigerated bulk tanks, either by hand or through automatic cleaning equipment. It may also be used for cleaning & disinfecting of other dairy equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • New improved formulation
  • A 25 liters drum makes 10,000 liters of working solution
  • Suitable for all manual & automatic systems
  • Colour coded to indicate activity
  • Highly effective in killing bacteria & removing milk fat, milk stone & protein deposits


5 liter plastic container

How to Use – Manual Sanitising


Mix 100 ml SEQUIN® to 40 liters (1:400) of warm water (not exceeding 50°C) & mix thoroughly. Immediately milking is over, rinse utensils & equipment in clean cold water. Immerse & scrub for at least two minutes, making sure that all surfaces come into contact with the solution. Rinse off with clean cold water & allow draining.

Farm Bulk Milk Tanks

Mix as above, but do not exceed 37°C. After rinsing out the tank, remove the plug dipstick etc., & scrub in the solution. Brush all interior surfaces of the tank thoroughly, allowing at least two minutes contact time & paying special attention to undersides of the bridge & tank covers. Allow the solution to collect in the outlet & continue to brush while running to waste. Thoroughly hose down the tank & lids with clean water & allow draining completely.

Spray Sanitising

Farm Bulk Milk Tanks

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for automatic or hand operated spray equipment. Automatically cleaned tanks must be manually sanitized at least once a month.

Hand Operated Spray Sanitising

Mix a cold solution at the above dilution. After rinsing the tank, with clean water, spray all interior surfaces, paying special attention to the undersides of lids, bridge, corners, thermostat, paddle, etc. Allow 10 minutes contact time, letting the solution collect in the outlet & continuing to brush as it runs to waste. Thoroughly hose down the tank & lids with clean cold water & allow draining completely. Manually sanitise at least once a month.


Store in the original container below 25°C. In a dry well-ventilated area away from sources of heat or ignition. Protect from direct sunlight.

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