Lactic acid and chlorhexidine based RTU teat dip for post-milking

A barrier forming teat dip in a ready to use formulation for post milking hygiene. Contains lactic acid and chlorhexidine with the addition of peppermint oil to improve blood flow to teats. Also contains glycerin for superior teat condition.


Ready to use barrier forming teat dip

  • Unique combination of chlorhexidine and lactic acid for additional activity
  • Contains glycerin for superior teat condition
  • Real peppermint oil helps improve blood flow to teats


5-liter plastic container.

Instructions For Use

Post Milking this product should be used directly from the container without dilution.
1. Fill a teat cup two thirds full with the product.
2. Immediately after each cow has been milked, immerse each teat in the solution ensuring that the entire surface of the teat is covered.
3. Refill the cup as necessary.
4. Teat cups should be emptied after milking and washed before re-use.


Store in the original container below 25°C. In a dry well-ventilated area away from sources of heat or ignition. Protect from direct sunlight.

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